A Night Full of Surprises - Adam & Sandy Wilson (Preview)

Planning any kind of event can be stressful, but planning a surprise birthday, prom, proposal, and wedding all in one night?  That’s plain insanity.

But that’s the kind of event my friend planned, and that’s the kind of event I got the privilege to be the photographer for.  The night was full of surprises for Sandy, and as the night went on, the surprises increased in magnitude.  It was not an easy task capturing every emotion through this roller coaster of a night, but I think overall it was a success!  Congratulations to the new couple!

The surprises kept coming as I found out the couple was going to be on WGN Morning News, and they needed some pictures ASAP.  I churned out a few key shots, and now they’ve been featured on TV and on their website!  Check out the full story here.